-Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes we do ship worldwide via USPS priority mail.


- How do i track my order?


All orders can be tracked by logging into your account on our website, or by the tracking link sent via email. 


- What material is the HerbSaver made from?

Our HerbSaver is made from Medical Grade BPA FREE Polypropylene (Plastic).


- Is the HerbSaver Durable? 

Yes. Our HerbSaver is the most durable plastic grinder on the market. All HerbSavers come with Lifetime Warranty. 


- Where does the product ship from?

All orders ship from Illinois about 50 Minutes from Chicago,IL. 


- How do replace my HerbSaver Screen?

Flip the HerbSaver upside down & apply pressure on the outer edges of the screen using 2 hands. The inner ring/screen will then pop out the capsule. Once screen is out, use a replacement screen "available on our website" & center in the middle of the ring. Then place the ring/screen back in the capsule & apply pressure to clip back in place. 


-How do i clean my HerbSaver? 

We recommend cleaning our HerbSaver using the HS brush. Our HS brush can easily clean off any loose pollen. Can also be cleaned using soap/hot water. 


-How much herb can the HerbSaver Store?

Our HerbSaver can store around 5-12 grams of ground dry herb.