The History Of the Weed Grinder and Herb Grinder | HS CONTAINERS LLC

The History Of the Weed Grinder and Herb Grinder | HS CONTAINERS LLC

Jan 16th 2023

The History of a Weed/Herb Grinder

Humans have been using herbs for medicinal use and nutrition since time immemorial. Archeological excavations dating back 60,000 years ago reveal evidence of the use of medicinal plants, such as cannabis, ephedra, and opium poppies. Typically, humans harvested the flowers of these plants and dried them for later use, but to use the herbs, they first had to dry and grind the flowers. Crushing the buds from herbal flowers dates back to the Upper Paleolithic period (45,000-20,000 BD), but the design, form, and function of herb grinders have evolved since then. As we read thoroughly in this article, we'll uncover the history of the weed grinder and herb grinder.

Shedding herbs and cannabis using grinders is a satisfying activity for any weed enthusiast. At first glance, most handheld grinders found in weed dispensaries and smoke shops look identical, and the fascinating thing is that their design has remained almost unchanged for decades. What most users don't know is that the history of the weed grinder we know today has been around since the turn of the 20th century. Knowing the history of the weed grinder can help us develop a greater appreciation of these fantastic little machines every time we break down those buds.

So, crush your weed buds, roll one up, and light it up as we take you on a ride down memory lane to discover the real history of the weed grinder! But first, let's learn a little history of herb grinding.

The History of Cannabis and the Importance of Grinding

Mankind has used cannabis for millennials for various purposes, including recreation, entertainment, and medicinal use. The most common form of consumption was smoking, which releases the active compounds (cannabinoids) in the herb. Smoke and incense were key elements in ancient ceremonies and rituals; perhaps that's where cannabis smoking has its roots.

Archaeological researchers from the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Sciences published a report that showed clear physical evidence that mourners burnt marijuana for its intoxicating fumes in a cemetery tucked deep in the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia roughly 2500 years ago. This region lies near the eastern Tibetan Plateau, a place researchers believe marijuana evolved from some 28 million years ago.

A more detailed history of marijuana is chronicled in modern history. In the mid-1800s the Western World began to source weed from various parts of the world for its medicinal significance. However, puritanical attitudes in the early 20th century led to its prohibition in many countries, including the US, where cannabis was totally banned in the 1920s.

Cannabis Grinding

To release the active compounds in the weed plant, users must first dry the herb and process it from its natural state. That's where grinding comes into play; in ancient times, people used stone tools and mortar and pestle to grind herbs. Sometimes, they used simple hand-shredding methods.

Considering how simple the grinder design is, we can theorize that an earlier version of the rotating shredder existed before the invention of the modern handheld grinder. History has always highlighted how our ancient ancestors were able to create intricate and elaborate stone tools, and there's a high likelihood that a stone grinder for cannabis existed centuries ago.

The Early History of the Weed Grinder

History of the weed grinder we all recognize today was invented by two men, William Henry Wingfield and John Balding, who hailed from Boort, Victoria, Australia. Their primary objective was to design a tool that could improve the tobacco-smoking experience.

The two Aussie filed for a patent for their novel grinder in the US in 1905, demonstrating an herb grinder design that has stood the test of time - over 11 decades. In fact, their invention is pretty similar to the modern herb grinder, which indicates that the original design has remained reliable over the past century.

However, this earliest reiteration didn't feature a bottom compartment like the modern 2-, 3- or 4-chamber weed grinders we see today. Instead, the crushed herb fell through the bottom holes and collected on the surface below the grinder.

The popularity of grinders slowed down after companies began manufacturing pre-shredded versions of tobacco products. Grinders only picked up momentum after WWII when they earned mass approval throughout the globe.

Having gathered insights into the early history of the weed grinder, now grab your bellbottoms, leather jacket, and protest poster as we advance to the 1960s when cannabis grinders gained mass appeal due to relative peace and love.

The Rise of Herb Grinders' Popularity in the 1960s

Although various industries – such as agriculture, textile, and pharmaceuticals – were using traditional versions of herb grinders of all sizes in the 1900s, it was until the 1960s that the best-rotating herb grinders proliferated consumer markets. That growth in popularity is primarily because of the Peace & Love that the world enjoyed at the time.

At the same time, the counterculture movement - which saw the explosion of hippie subculture – was gaining significant ground. Hippies promoted the recreational use of hallucinogenic drugs, specifically marijuana, and that increased the popularity of grinders. These weed grinders featured ergonomic designs that made it easy for users to crush their cannabis nugs into a fine powder, making it easy to roll joints and add to other forms of consumption.

While the popularity of weed grew in the ensuing two to three decades, possession carried its legal implications until very recently. Once again, the exponential growth of grinders petered out during that generation, with most available products being made of cheap wood, plastic, or metal.

Generally, the popularity of the herb grinder in the 1960s was highly hinged on the cultural shift towards greater acceptance of the herb during that transitional time in our country's history.

A New Dawn in the History of the Herb Grinder

With the legalization of cannabis in many states, legal markets for a plant that carried the risk of jail term have emerged. Those markets have accelerated the demand for herb grinders in recent years as many people use marijuana for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

Herb grinder manufacturers that entered the market on that first wave rode it for about a decade, cashing in on the slight improvements they made over the traditional designs, but never really designing for the future.

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