Large Assorted 3 pack Herb Saver Grinder 2.4" X 3.8" Herb Grinder (Various Colors Available)

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Large Herb Saver Herb Grinder - Assorted 3 Pack Bundle: Versatility in Style and Functionality - The Perfect Gift for Smokers

Upgrade your herb preparation game and surprise your smoking enthusiasts with the Large Herb Saver Herb Grinder - Assorted 3 Pack Bundle. Crafted from medical-grade polypropylene, these durable, high-quality plastic grinders offer superior performance and style. Each 4 piece Herb Saver grinder in this bundle comes with a magnetic lid, ensuring secure closure and preserving your herbs in a water-resistant and odor-resistant compartment.

Features of the Assorted 3 Pack Bundle:

  • Diverse Color Selection for Gifting: Immerse your loved ones in a world of colors with our Assorted 3 Pack Bundle. Each grinder in the bundle comes in a different color, making it a perfect and thoughtful gift for friends or yourself.

  • Durability of Medical-Grade Polypropylene: Experience the longevity and sturdiness of medical-grade polypropylene, a material that surpasses the average aluminum grinder. This ensures lasting use, water resistance, and effective odor control.

  • Lifetime Warranty on Grinder Teeth: Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime warranty on grinder teeth. The sharp and efficient grinder teeth guarantee a perfect consistency with every grind, making your herb preparation a breeze.

  • Ample Size, Maximum Capacity: The dimensions of 2.4 by 3.8 inches provide generous space to grind up to 14 grams of your preferred herbs and pollen. These grinders strike the perfect balance between size and capacity.

  • Efficient Pollen Collection: The friction-fit stainless steel screen ensures efficient pollen collection, preserving the full potency of your herbs. Easily remove and clean the screen disc to maintain optimal performance.

  • Handy Pollen Scraper: Each grinder in the bundle includes a convenient pollen scraper. Store it in the smallest pollen-catching chamber for easy access whenever you need it.

Elevate your gift-giving game with the versatility of the Large Herb Saver Herb Grinder - Assorted 3 Pack Bundle. Perfect for gifting to smokers and friends alike, this bundle combines functionality with a burst of vibrant colors.