Replacement Pollen Screens (3 Pack for Mini HerbSaver)

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When your Mini Herb Saver kief collector seems clogged, it's probably time to replace your fine mesh screen. Herb Saver Replacement Screens for Mini herb grinders are laser-cut discs of stainless steel mesh measuring approximately 1.09" in diameter. Featuring a 65 Micron rating, each replacement package contains 3 screens and instructions for easy replacement in your mini 4 piece herb grinder*.  


Mini Replacement Screen features at a glance:


  • 1.09" in diameter (approx. 27mm)
  • 65 Micron
  • Laser-cut Stainless Steel
  • 3 pack

*Mini Herb Saver Replacement Screens are sold specifically for the travel-sized Mini Herb Saver herb grinders and will not fit on the original, Large Herb Saver Grinders.