Replacement Pollen Screens (3 Pack for Large HerbSaver)

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Herb Saver Large Replacement Screens: Renew Your Kief Collection Precision


When your Herb Saver kief collector shows signs of reduced kief collection, it's time to restore its efficiency with the Herb Saver Large Replacement Screens. These laser-cut stainless steel mesh discs, measuring 1.75 inches in diameter, are tailored for the original Herb Saver herb grinders. With a 65 Micron rating, each replacement package includes three screens, providing a hassle-free solution to maintain your kief-collecting experience.


Large Replacement Screen Features at a Glance:


  1. Generous Diameter: Each replacement screen boasts a generous 1.75-inch (44.45mm) diameter, ensuring an exact fit for your Large Herb Saver grinder.

  2. 65 Micron Rating: Featuring a 65 Micron rating, these screens offer precise filtration, allowing only the finest kief particles to pass through.

  3. Laser-Cut Stainless Steel: Crafted with precision, these replacement screens are laser-cut from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and enduring performance.

  4. Convenient 3-Pack: Each replacement package contains three screens, providing you with multiple replacements to keep your Large Herb Saver kief collector operating at its peak.


Why Choose Large Herb Saver Replacement Screens?


  • Revitalize Kief Collection: Replacing clogged screens rejuvenates your Herb Saver kief collector, ensuring it captures kief efficiently once again.

  • Precision Filtration: With a 65 Micron rating, these screens sift kief with precision, allowing only the highest quality particles to be collected.

  • Durability Assured: The laser-cut stainless steel construction guarantees durability, providing screens that withstand continuous use over time.


Note: Large Herb Saver Replacement Screens are specifically designed for the original Herb Saver herb grinders and are not compatible with Mini Herb Saver Grinders.


Rediscover the joy of a bountiful kief harvest with precision and ease.


Upgrade to the Herb Saver Large Replacement Screens and enjoy the full potential of your kief collector!