Mini Herb Saver Herb Grinders

The best herb grinder on the market from Herb Saver is also available in a Mini Size! Say Hello to the smaller version of your favorite 4 piece herb grinder complete with storage container, built-in sifter, pollen collector, and complimentary pollen scraper. The Mini Herb Saver gives you all the high-quality functionality of the original along with the same lifetime warranty on the grinding teeth within. Your mini 4 piece grinder features the same friction fit screen for collecting pollen that is built for convenience and longevity.  Measuring just 1.5" by 2.5", each multi-chamber Mini Herb Saver grinder packs a big punch without sacrificing much in the way of storage. Perfect for those on the run, Mini Herb Saver Grinders are now available in a variety of fun colors.